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Do you want to broaden your horizons? Do you feel like you are in the dark when it comes to finances?
Do you lack motivation and inspiration to get out there and start designing your life?
Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut or feel like you don’t have enough time to dedicate to things you love which could be your family, your passion project, or that business you have always wanted to start?
Maybe you aren’t fulfilled or rewarded in your current job or you’re concerned about the nearing end of your career with no pension in place or plan for retirement. Maybe you have accidentally enslaved yourself in a business that is in an industry you are no longer passionate about, or maybe you’ve recently left school or are leaving soon and you are undecided on your direction in life.

If you can relate to any of the above, then I am certain my newsletter can help!

Here's what to expect:
  •   Wealth Mindset I go over all of the myths, common traps, misconceptions I have discovered in my personal journey of business, wealth creation and self development. I share with you the timeless principles that allow you to take actions that align with your own values to create a life you want.
  • Wealth Accumulation I share with you my personally designed process that has allowed me to accumulate wealth through mindset, business, saving, passive investing, expense tracking, expense optimisation and automated banking.
  • Wealth Acceleration How to build on your savings and start to really make your money work for you. Everything from automated accelerated savings and investments, buying the market, trading, risk management, portfolio management, speculative investing and increasing your income.

  •   Wealth Inspiration I Get inspired to live your best life. Conceive it, believe it, design it, taste it, feel it, live it. A dose of inspiration and powerful action steps that leave with you immediate implementable tasks for instant results.

About Jason Graystone
Since starting his first business at 22 years old, Jason Graystone has successfully built and run multi million pound businesses both in the service sector and online. 

Coming from a working class family with little education, Jason embarked on a journey of self development from an early age which he says played a fundamental part of his success. 
Jason believes that if you have the right mindset and adopt the right personality traits, you can use the same formula to achieve anything you want in life; and it’s this attitude that allowed him to achieve complete financial independence by the time he was 30. 

Jason believes that everyone deserves to live an inspired life. “We are better people when we have time to contribute towards what we are passionate about. We can solve meaningful problems and be rewarded and fulfilled at the same time.”

This belief is what drives Jason to help others achieve financial independence by educating them on the true secrets of wealth so that they can be liberated from the societal restraints and live the life they deserve. 

Jason has become recognised for his transparent approach to teaching and his ability to transfer knowledge onto his students.
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